Member Spotlight: Jackie Gossip

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What excites you most about running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon?
I’m super excited to witness the beginner TFK runners I mentor cross the finish line.  Nothing beats seeing first-hand the “I’ve just ran a marathon smile” on someone’s face, wrapped in a thermal heat blanket wearing race hardware.

What is your favorite place to run and why?
My favorite run is along the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront to Red Hook.  The view of the Statue of Liberty from the pier at the end of Van Brunt Street is great- It’s like Lady Liberty is waving straight at you.

If I’m back home visiting my family in Australia, my all time favorite running place is the Warburton Rail Trail located in the Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne.   The gravel trail takes you through open forest, farmland and vineyards with a backdrop of mountains.  Fortunately for me, most of my family lives near the trail.  It’s 40 kilometers or almost 25 miles of magic running.

If you run with music, what are your favorite artists or songs to listen to?
I don’t run with music but if you ask those I mentor they’ll tell you I sing the lyrics to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle Wiggle, Wiggle” to remind them to relax their shoulders.  I have also been known to sing “The Final Countdown” towards the end of a long training run.

What is your favorite post-run meal?
I eat anything I’m craving which is typically a ruby red grapefruit, a latte and anything that’s salty briney. My post marathon ritual is always a great steak paired with lashings of celebratory red wine.

When did your relationship with running begin and why?
I started running when I moved to New York almost 10 years ago.  A work colleague introduced me to the New York Road Runners Beginner’s running class.

My first race was the “Circle of Friends New York Mini 10K” in June 2006 that I ran with a gaggle of great ladies.

This will be my 6th marathon and it all started with walking 1 minute, running 2 minutes x 5 on the Bridle Path in Central Park.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions, if so, please explain?
The week before: My running friends and I gather for food, wine and ironing.  Yep you read right.  We buy felt iron-on letters and we put our names on our race t-shirts.

The Friday before: I run the lower loop of Central Park crossing the finishing line at the same time I expect to be crossing it on race day.  I also locate the Australian flag amongst the finishing line flags and that’s the side I finish the marathon on.

Marathon Eve:

  • I lay out my running clothes and pin my race number on my shirt.
  • I prep my throw away warm layers:
    • I grab an old long sleeve t-shirt and cut 1 inch through the neck seam, the same through the bottom seam and then a slot in the middle so I can show my race number through the various security checks without lifting up layers of warm clothes. I’ve seen others cut a slot in the arm too to access their phones.  Once the race starts and I warm up the pre-cuts allow me to easily tear open the t-shirt like a cardigan for easy removal.
    • I grad old tube socks, cut the toes off and use them as disposable hand and arm warmers – TIP: next time you’re on a long haul flight where they give you socks – keep them for your next race
  • I pack my Official Start Village bag which includes:
    • Hand warmers, my second breakfast, a shower liner to sit and lie on, gels, a small tube of Aquaphor, a Ziploc bag (that holds a salt sachet, $20, my medical and subway cards) and toilet paper (just in case they run out of any in the porta-potties). I also pack my race day running shoes as I wear an old pair of running shoes around the start village to ensure my actual running shoes stay dry and mud free.  The old ones I know will get collected as a Goodwill clothing donation.
  • I pack my Official UPS Bag with post race items which include:
    • A complete change of warm clothes that are easy to put on, super comfortable shoes, deodorant and face wipes.
  • I set two alarms to make sure I don’t sleep in.

Why 26.2?
Because we’re all a little crazy right!

Tell us a little more about yourself 

  • I’m an Australian now living in Brooklyn.
  • I’m a twin.
  • I’m the proud mom (mum) of a 13 year old cat I adopted last year named Puss who weighs in at 21lbs / nearly 10kgs.
  • I work in the financial services industry in the business continuity and crisis management space.
  • I love nothing more than cooking for others.
  • Last week I completed my rescue scuba diver certification.
  • On race day, around mile 8 and again just before the Willis Avenue Bridge look for a big 3ft / 1m tall blow up kangaroo being held by my husband and friends. The kangaroo’s name is Big Kev.
  • I dislike foam rollers, goats, needles and seaweed.

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