13.1 Reasons to Run the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half with TFK

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1) Take your running to the next level.
Whether you are thinking about taking those first steps to becoming a runner or have run 5Ks and 10Ks, running a half marathon gives you instant bragging rights and elevates you to a new echelon of runner fitness. If you’re an experienced runner, take your running to the next level by going for a PR and adding another medal to your collection!

2) Three months of training versus five.
The TFK United Airlines NYC Half training program is just 2.5 months, unlike the five months it takes to train for a marathon.  The training is challenging, but you still have a life!  Training starts Saturday, January 10.

3) Fill up those long winter weekends.
What better way to stay motivated throughout the winter than have a goal. A healthy one at that!  Your Saturdays will fly by when you start them off with a crisp run.

4) You’ll have a step-by-step training program.
You’ll receive weekly emails that outline the training for every level of runner. Plus, you’ll be invited to exclusive clinics on everything you need to know about gear and nutrition to run your best 13.1 miles ever.

5) Run with a like-minded group.
It’s no fun to train for a half marathon on your own. When you train with a group, you have no excuse not to get out of bed on a cold winter weekend morning and get to practice. Your new friends and coaches will be waiting for you. Together, your TFK family will make any run fun, no matter the weather or distance.  For those not located in NYC, you can share your post-run stories on social media using the #teamforkids hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and complete our member spotlight for a chance to be featured on our blog.

6) Justify a new running wardrobe.
Since you’ll be running throughout the winter, you’ll likely need to upgrade your running clothes or invest in new ones. This is the best excuse to go shopping for new running gear.

7) See the Big Apple up close.
What better way to see iconic sights in New York City! The 2015 United Airlines NYC Half takes runners on a 13.1-mile tour of NYC. Led by a talent-packed roster of American and international elites, runners will stop traffic in Manhattan, from Central Park through Times Square to South Street Seaport.

8) Burn some extra calories and stay fit.
A mile generally burns about 100 calories. Upping your mileage will not only take your running fitness to the next level, it will also boost your caloric burn. And just in time for your new spring look!

9) Recover quicker, party faster.
Running a half marathon is challenging, but will not leave you walking or feeling like a zombie afterwards. After you cross the finish line, you’ll be ready to join your TFK fellow runners and celebrate at a post-race brunch. Dancing is optional.

10) Show off the bling.
Show off your well-deserved medal! Every participant in the United Airlines NYC Half will be given a medal at the finish. Wear it proudly.

11) Give the gift of running.
When you run with TFK, you will be giving the gift of running to youth in New York City and nationally though your fundraising.  More than 200,000 students are served locally and nationally through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources, including more than 120,000 in New York City’s five boroughs. To learn more about our programs, go to http://www.nyrr.org/youth-and-schools/series-and-events/nyrr-youth-running-series.

12) Become a role model.
When you take up the challenge to run a half marathon, you set the bar high and make a personal statement of commitment, dedication and determination guaranteed to bring some awe-inspiring kudos from family and friends.

13) You deserve it!
Do this for yourself! Experience the empowerment and joy from achieving a goal that may seem out of your reach, but that you had the guts to go for.

13.1) Check it off the list!
You’ve completed your first half marathon!

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If you’re looking to run an iconic Half Marathon, you can gain guaranteed entry this very minute by signing up to run with NYRR’s Team for Kids in the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half. In addition to raising money for NYRR youth programs, you’ll get 10 weeks of customized training, complete with unlimited phone and email access to our coaches and VIP treatment on race day. We’ll have you ready to fly through the NYC streets on March 15. Sign up here http://runwithtfk.org/Page/2015NYCHalf

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