Member Spotlight: Jeannette Martimucci

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What event are you running with Team for Kids?
I am running the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half!

What is your favorite place to run and why?
Central park is my favorite place to run. I sometimes feel that my heart is in this city, but my soul is in Central Park. There is so much history there! I always take my friends into the park who don’t run and give them tours. I love that the park is an awesome green space that is right in the middle of the city with skyscrapers all around you.

If you run with music, what are your favorite artists or songs to listen to?
I actually don’t listen to music when I run. I got out of the habit when I started running with a group in 2010, now I just either chat with friends or think about how I’m going to totally kick butt on my run.

What is your favorite post-run meal?
I’m a big fan of eggs and toast post run. I don’t eat meat so they are a great source of protein. If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll go for an egg and cheese sandwich!

When did your relationship with running begin and why?
I have always been athletic, but never considered myself a runner. In 2010, I was in grad school at Teachers College, Columbia University and I decided I needed to get moving again. My grandfather had just passed away from prostate cancer and I wanted to do something in his honor. So, without really thinking about it, I signed up for a marathon! I did the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon, and raised money for cancer research. After that, I was hooked and have been running ever since!

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions, if so, please explain?
I don’t really have any superstitions, no lucky socks or anything like that. I do always eat the same dinner before races. I have a bagel with lox, cream cheese, and capers.

Why did you choose to run this event?
I’m running the NYC Half Marathon, because I wanted to give back to the organization that does so much for my school. I am one of three coaches for my elementary school’s track team – a Young Runners team. We have been so grateful for the support we have received from NYRR and Team for Kids runners! Our school put together a team of teachers, and some parents to run this event and raise money!

Tell us a little more about yourself
I am a third grade teacher, and a triathlete. When I’m not training for running events you can see me on my bike or in the pool. I have completed 4 consecutive New York City Triathlons, and my 5th one is coming up this July!

What excites you most about running your event with Team for Kids?
I’m most excited to have the opportunity to give back to the organization that has helped bring a great running program to our school. It has helped inspire our team to realize they can reach their goals.

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