Member Spotlight: Julie Carey

What event are you running with Team for Kids?
I am running the AirBnB Brooklyn Half!

What is your favorite place to run and why?
My favorite place to run is along the Charles River in Boston, BUT my favorite New York running moment was coming up 1st Avenue at the 2013 Marathon – the crowd was cheering and it was by far the best memory!

If you run with music, what are your favorite artists or songs to listen to?
I listen to a LOT of pop music, so it’s no surprise I have a few Taylor Swift songs on my mix. I also have a 7-minute Michael Jackson mashup that has some of his greatest songs.

What is your favorite post-run meal?
It varies while training! Always a big glass if chocolate milk and after a big race I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries hands down!

When did your relationship with running begin and why?
I played lacrosse in college and that kept me in a great routine with a competitive activity. Two years out I ran my first half marathon, and was hooked. Adding in the fundraising piece really made it a lot more meaningful.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions, if so, please explain?
I’m pretty no frills, but after having my iPod die 5 miles into a marathon, I’m religious about charging my watch and iPod!

Why did you choose to run this event?
Who doesn’t enjoy NYC in spring? And to be part of a great cause!

Tell us a little more about yourself
I’m Julie Carey from Boston, MA. I enjoy running, pop music, good causes, good food and good stories. I work at a software company in the Seaport area of Boston, and am excited to be a part of Team for Kids.

What excites you most about running your event with Team for Kids?
As a youth athlete, I participated in countless team sports and activities, not realizing every community can’t offer those opportunities to their youth.

I am excited that my fundraising and each mile I run will be dedicated to bringing running and fitness to underserved communities. It’s especially exciting considering the impact and knowing over 200,000 students will be given the opportunity to get exercise through these programs. Overall, it is awesome to be part of an organization that is contributing in the fight against childhood obesity and health issues.

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