Young Runners Updates

Team for Kids runners, two unique events took place recently highlighting the NYRR Young Runners program that your fundraising supports. Please see below for details and share these exciting updates with your donors.

The Young Runners Championship! What running is all about: self-confidence and accomplishing and setting new goals–oh, and the runner bling and bragging rights! Congrats to all who participated in the 2015 NYRR Young Runners Championship (the 5K, the 1-mile, and the Rosenberg Can Do Anything Two Mile Invitational Run) and in the program throughout the year. Special thanks to Team for Kids runners for supporting NYRR Young Runners and helping kids like these learn to run for life. We are incredibly grateful to have your support!

“Why we (Team for Kids runners) do what we do….this event literally had me in tears. These kids are amazing. GO TFK!!” – Melissa P. – TFK runner, mentor, and parent.

Watch a short video clip from the event here:

Learn more about Young Runners here:

The second event was a shoe donation and run with a Young Runners site. Thank you to TFK Member and NYRR donor Steve Jomides for supporting our long-time Young Runners site at City College Academy. Thanks to his donation, the 42 students in the program are receiving shoes in recognition of their running throughout the year and to encourage them to keep moving throughout the summer. Thank you to all who have donated to NYRR and those who have run with Team for Kids to enable us to offer free fitness programs in underserved communities and schools. Learn more:

See full photo album linked here! (photos by John Suhar)

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