#ReasonsToRun: To Catch Up With Friends

We all lead busy lives and sometimes find it difficult to put aside time to be with friends. Running is a great way to incorporate a leisurely workout while catching up with your friends. If you are a runner, chances are some of your best friends are runners as well. Running with friends is not only a great way to socialize, it sure makes the miles fly by.

So instead of trying to schedule a time for coffee or after work drinks, go for a run and catch up during your next five-miler. If you really have some juicy news, make that a 10-miler!

This just one of our Reasons to Run with Team for Kids. What’s yours?

For more information on how to support NYRR youth programs and sign up to run with Team for Kids visit: https://runwithtfk.org/

Share your reasons to run by using #ReasonsToRun and tagging Team for Kids in your post on Facebook and @TeamforKids on Instagram or Twitter. You can also email us a photo and your reason to run at teamforkids@nyrr.org with #ReasonsToRun in the subject line for a chance to be featured.

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