TFK Testimonial: Craig Copeland

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Training for and then running any half marathon can be a great way to experience long distance running for the first time, or to remember once again, how accessible and fun it can be.  Training and running the United Airlines NYC Half is a particularly heightened experience as you get to know the heart of the world’s greatest city so well, with the NYC Half starting in a loop around Central Park, continuing through Times Square, down the Hudson Riverside and finishing in Lower Manhattan – where the city actually began.

Whether you’re a seasoned long distance runner, or have never run more than a mile or two in your life, Team for Kids is the best group to help you stay or get and stay in a healthy and supportive running community.  Training with TFK specifically for the 2016 United Airlines NYC Half will prepare you for a strong 2016 running season, whether the Half Marathon is the longest race you want to run, or just the start.  There are runners of all experience, and seasoned coaches prepared to help runners at all levels.

I trained with TFK for two marathons as well as the United Airlines NYC Half.  While the TCS New York City Marathon training was always great, I felt the United Airlines NYC Half training was even better.  Perhaps it was the weathering through the winter together that provided us with a deeper bonding of coaches and teammates.

During the training, I got to run many portions of the United Airlines NYC Half course, with coaches and seasoned teammates sharing advice and pointers on how to make the most of my own race day.  It was invaluable.

Having had the chance to run at a younger age, and now raising a 14-year-old and 7-year-old who both run, I know firsthand and see the fun foundation to health that running provides.  I think that while the Kids are the appropriate focus of TFK, the residue is quite a bonus… a kind of “Team for Adults” (Running and fundraising with TFK, we adults get quite a bit of great health out of the process as well!).

Inspired by Craig? Sign up to run with Team for Kids for the 2016 United Airlines NYC Half at

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