TFK Testimonial: Victoria Fortune

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I ran the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half with Team for Kids and loved the sense of community I felt while running with TFK. Every time I saw another runner from TFK, we connected. I would find myself giving them an upward fist pump gesture as an expression of my encouragement for them to push it through.

I was inspired to run for TFK, because it is programs like those offered by NYRR that serve as a positive outlet for youth. If I weren’t so involved in sports growing up in PG County, MD, I am not sure I would be the person I am today. I am a firm believer that too whom much is given much is expected. Though I am not in a place to personally provide a substantial donation toward NYRR programs, I am able to unite my circle and collectively fundraise to provide what we can for such an amazing cause.

One tip for anyone considering running with TFK is to be open during the training process. Open to evolving on a personal and interpersonal level. There is a difference between just running and running with cause in mind. Each time I saw a kid during my morning runs, I was reminded why I got up at 6am to train. That was all the motivation I needed to see it through and not give up.

Inspired by Victoria? Sign up to run with Team for Kids for the 2016 United Airlines NYC Half at

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