Member Spotlight: Haley Brewer

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What event are you running with Team for Kids?
The Big Apple Challenge – The 2016 United Airlines NYC Half and the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon!

What is your favorite place to run and why?  
Central Park in the morning – it’s extremely therapeutic as you can truly enjoy the peace of the city and appreciate its beauty.

If you run with music, what are your favorite artists or songs to listen to?
I have to run with music – I am a music junkie! My favorite artists to run to are Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and lots of 90s jams.

What is your favorite post-run meal?  
Rotisserie chicken and salad – I find that I need to eat something with protein shortly after a run or my stomach turns in to a bottomless pit that can never be satisfied.

When did your relationship with running begin and why?
My entire life I was always an athlete – basketball, volleyball, you name it. During college I was extremely unhealthy and had put on a good amount of weight. Once I graduated, I set goals for myself to become a mentally, emotionally, and physically better me. After losing over 30 pounds, I was ready to take on a new challenge – running. About two years ago I just took the plunge and signed up for a 5k. From then on, the 5ks turned in to 10ks, and the 10ks turned in to half marathons (and now a MARATHON at the end of this year!). I think it’s important to set goals and push yourself – it makes you a better person and constantly reminds you that we can do anything we put our minds to.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions, if so, please explain?
I’m extremely close with my family and always wear a headband that my mom gave me.  We’re also big sports fans and love the Knicks, so I am always wearing sneakers that are blue and orange (I basically buy the same exact shoe over and over again). Both items are my good luck charms and MUST be worn at every race.

Why did you choose to run this event?
I chose to participate in the Big Apple Challenge as I felt I was ready to push myself to the next level. Every year that I watch the marathoners I find it to be more and more motivating and inspiring. Finally, I told myself that this was my year and that my time has come.

Tell us a little more about yourself
I’m 27 years old and live with my fiancé, Ryan, here in the city while I work for an amazing digital media company. I’m a major foodie who loves to cook, travel, and explore (I’m always moving and can never sit still). Most of my family can be found in/around the city and I love spending time with them going to dinners, sporting events, or just hanging out.  I love to work out and can normally be found at CityRow or trying out different classes in the city with my girlfriends or soon to be sister-in-law. I like to think that I’m a pretty normal girl living in New York and believe that humor and a glass of wine are the perfect remedy to everything.

What excites you most about running your event with Team for Kids?
Sports and fitness have been such a major part of my life and have not only shaped me in to the person I am today, but also have shaped the way I work and communicate with others. Organized sports/fitness can be such a positive outlet for children and can both change their future and how they value themselves. What excites me is knowing that I am running on behalf of the next generation of leaders and that the money I raise helps push a child to decide to become a runner/athlete, stray from the path of childhood obesity, or want to pursue higher education for athletics. That to me is so inspiring and the most rewarding feeling ever.

Connect with Haley via the site below:

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