TFK Testimonial: Meghan Walsh

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“What I would tell someone considering to run with Team for Kids (TFK) is simply to do it. To experience the amazing feeling of running an endurance event (half marathon or full marathon) is truly life changing all in itself, but to know you are running for such a great cause makes it that much more rewarding. Throughout my run I had many spectators cheer for me simply because I had my TFK running shirt on.  At about mile 10 I hit that always dreaded “wall” and was slowing down considerably. I had a gentleman run up alongside me, one I had never met before and say, “Walsh (it was on the back of my shirt) don’t give up now. You’ve trained too hard and too long to give up now and you’re running for such a great cause. Now’s the time for you to dig deep and finish strong. You’ve got this.” And with that he took off.  Not only did his words stick with me but that fact he clearly slowed his pace for those 30 seconds to talk was extremely motivating. Although running is an individual sport I love the sense of camaraderie that you get from running and completing a race. Strangers supporting strangers all because of our love for running.

Since my last event with TFK, I have been staying physically active and cross training several days a week. My ultimate running goal is to complete the TCS New York City Marathon with TFK down the road. Being the mom of two young children, Tommy 6 and Maggie 3 ½, I am provided with inspiration and motivation every day to stay active. My love for running, health and fitness is influencing them as well.  Maggie loves to run with me when I do interval training.  She even jumped in and ran the last stretch of a local race with me. Tommy loves to workout with me at home. Also, as a director of an after-school program, I spend so much time with many wonderful students who also inspire me. Making sure that the students are active for at least 30 mins a day is my daily goal.  Sometimes it’s simply running laps around the soccer field with the students or getting into an intense game of kickball. We’re being active and having fun all at the same time. Each year my students write out their own fitness pledges as to what they are going to do at home to be more active.  Simple things such as taking their dog for a walk, practicing for their favorite sport, or walking around the neighborhood as a family.” – Meghan Walsh

Inspired by Meghan ? Sign up to run with Team for Kids for one of our open events at

We are currently open for:
* Boston Marathon
* NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K
BMW Berlin Marathon
* Bank of America Chicago Marathon
* TCS New York City Marathon

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