Member Spotlight: Jacqueline Murphy-Suarez

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Running has always been a very special part of my life.  It is my own personal time where I get to relax, decompress and re-calibrate myself.

I work as a Coordinator at a 40 bed residential homeless shelter in Newark, NJ with young adults between the ages of 18-21.  I am actually running the NYC United Airlines Half Marathon with the Covenant House Home Team on March 20th.  Prior to my work at the shelter, I was a High School Counselor for 7+ years and did volunteer work at an orphanage in Mombassa, Kenya.

Many of the problems I see with my clients at the shelter stem from their childhood.  Many of them lacked a loving home with parental support and are under educated/ under skilled.

For me, running a race is a great metaphor for life.  At some points you feel great- other times, you feel like you can’t possibly take another step.  Sometimes you find yourself running with someone- other times you’re alone.  But that feeling of accomplishment you get when complete a great run or race can be truly powerful.  This is true for many of the young men and women at Covenant House.   Over the past several months many of our young people at Covenant House have also started participating in running. Together we have celebrated 5K victories, and I could see how proud they were about crossing that finish line.

I hope to continue to inspire change and bring awareness to the importance of educating and providing for our youth, so that they feel loved, empowered, self-confident, and have the tools to meet with success as they grow into young adults

Connect with Jacqueline via the link below:

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