Tip of the Week: Posture

Proper running form is the key to becoming an efficient and injury free runner. To ensure you are running with the best possible form it is important to first address your individual posture. The next time you go out for a run use the list below to asses your posture and to make sure you are properly aligned:

  • Stand tall with a slight forward lean from your ankles (not your hips)
  • Keep your eyes forward looking approximately 15 feet ahead (focus on shoulder blade region of the runner in front of you)
  • Breath naturally through your nose and mouth
  • Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees with your hands loosely cupped. Focus on swinging your elbows back and your hands forward (slightly towards your midline).
  • Keep your feet straight pointing in the same direction that you are running; forward (avoid turning your feet out)

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