Runner Spotlight: Cindy Harris

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What made you decide to run the TCS New York City Marathon with Team for Kids?
I live in Santa Barbara and have for 61 years since coming here to UCSB. I am running/ walking/ jogging the 2016 NYC marathon. This will be my fourth one, although I was entered and was already in New York for the 2012 marathon. After that was cancelled I lost my momentum for marathons. This year my son is running so I decided to give it another try!

A family friend of my son’s, Tom Horton, is the one who put the bug in my ear. In the summer of 2008 he was visiting and I asked him if many people walked the marathon and he replied: “more people walk than run” so I decided I would see if I could do it. I chose TFK because I strongly believe in their philosophy. Preventing juvenile problems before they begin is so very important. My son is also running with TFK as he did last year.

Do you have any running rituals?
I don’t know that I have any set in stone running rituals. I just do it. I believe in exercise and all the benefits it brings. I also go to the gym two days a week.  I come to NYC several times a year to visit my children and grandchildren and always look forward to the six mile loop in Central Park!  In fact, I will be there in mid-April for grandparent’s day at St Bernard’s. As for any other history I have been married for 56 years. I work as a garden designer for a landscape contractor here in Santa Barbara, which here in California is pretty much a year around job. I keep doing it because I love it and see no reason to stop.

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