Tip of the Week: New Running Shoes for Race Day

Now that you are about a month out from the BIG day, some of you may have been asking yourself, “Do I need to replace my running shoes before my race?”

Well, if you are asking that question then the answer is probably… yes.

Why should I replace my running shoes?
Running in old or worn-out shoes is a very common (and completely avoidable) source of running injuries. Your running shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning and stability as you log miles. Running in worn-out shoes increases the stress and impact on your legs and joints. The easiest thing you can do to prevent those types of injuries is replace your running shoes before they’re worn-out.

When should I replace my running shoes?
The short answer is between 300 and 450 miles. Why the range? How quickly shoes wear varies based on a variety of factors including weight, gait, and the type of surface(s) you do a majority of your running on (pavement, dirt, treadmill).  If you run an average of 25 miles per week, you should be replacing your shoes roughly every 3-4 months.

Beyond the actual numbers, you can often times physically FEEL when your shoes are ready to be replaced. If they do not feel as cushioned as new ones and you feel every nook and cranny on the road while running. You may also begin to experience new aches and pains in your shins or knees because your feet and joints are trying to overcompensate for the now-missing stability and/or cushioning.

How soon before the marathon should you choose your marathon day shoe?
As race day approaches you will hear every coach you know say the following phrase, “nothing new on race day.” This applies especially to your shoes. If you need to buy a new pair of shoes before your marathon, then you want to make sure you do so with plenty of time to spare (i.e. 4 to 6 weeks). This will give you a more than enough time to break your shoes in with some short and, more importantly, long runs.  The breaking in process will also ensure there are no surprises on race day (i.e. an inseam digging into your foot, blisters, etc..).  If you are not sure whether or not your shoes need to be replaced talk to your coaches or visit your favorite running store for some expert advice.

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