BMW Berlin Marathon Prep Tip: Start Making Your To-Do List

Travel and Lodging
If you haven’t made your travel arrangements, book them as soon as possible. Use the Berlin Marathon website and click the “Plan Your Race” tab in the top left, then click “Travel and Hotels.” If you have made all your travel and hotel reservations, confirm them now.

Start making a list of the things you will need to pack, such as specialized food products you may not be able to purchase overseas. Make a pile of potential throw-away clothes for the start of the race. The average temperature in Berlin towards the end of September is between 55°F-66°F , but don’t forget to check the weather forecast closer to race day to be sure you pack to be comfortable!

If you need to replace your running shoes, make sure you do so ASAP! (Read coach’s tip last week on running shoes). Wear your shoes on the plane or stow them in your carry-on. You don’t want to risk losing your shoes in lost luggage.

Sightseeing in Berlin
Berlin has many historical sites to see, but save them for after the marathon. Factor jet lag into your plans and make sure you are well rested for your race. Maybe you can even celebrate at Oktoberfest after your race, in full swing up until October 3rd in Munich, a short train ride from Berlin!

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