Final Checklist: TCS New York City Marathon

If you are traveling to New York for the marathon by plane, train or car or coming from close by there is plenty to do this last week to prepare. Here’s a checklist for everything you’ll need.

Travel Arrangements

  • Confirm all travel arrangements such as flights, hotel, and ground transportation.
  • Do a Google map search to get familiar with your hotel surroundings and your proximity to the start or proximity to your departure point for race day transportation.
  • Book your pre-race and post-marathon restaurant reservations.

Essential Packing List

  • Participants must present a printed copy of their confirmation form and bring it with you to the expo or show it on your mobile device. Registered runners must pick up their own race materials in person at the expo, with government-issued photo identification. Your confirmation form is available, which can be accessed from MyNYRR. Details here.
  • All mobile devices and their chargers.
  • Specific foods and fuels you may need.
  • Wear or carry your running shoes on the plane, not in your luggage.


If you chose the check baggage option, the following suggested items should be packed in your clear, plastic, expo bag to check at the start:

  • Sunglasses – there is not much shade on the TCS New York City Marathon course
  • Sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • BodyGlide or Vaseline
  • Band-aids
  • NipGuards
  • Warm loose clothes/hat for post-race
  • Comfortable shoes for post-race
  • Hotel key
  • Wallet
  • Cell phone

If you chose the post-race poncho option (no baggage), the following suggested items should be packed in your clear official start village bag that was given to you at the expo.

  • Warm clothes (all items left at the start will be gathered and donated to Goodwill Industries or recycled)
  • Food for those with special dietary needs (the TFK start tent will have bagels, PowerBars, and light refreshments)

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