Last Minute Reminders: TCS New York City Marathon

Goal Setting: You have worked hard to get to the start line and deserve to be there. Your first goal should be to savor the moment and cross the finish line with arms held up in a joyous shout and a huge smile. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

Packing for the Post-Race Poncho Option: If you chose the Post-Race Poncho option, you will be given an Official Start Village bag that you can bring to Fort Wadsworth with some warm throw away clothes and other items you may want in the TFK tent. This bag and all items will not be transported to the finish.

Family and Friends Tracking: Make sure to have your family and friends download the mobile app and runner tracking so they know where you are on the course.

Spectators: Check out the TCS New York City Spectator page to help your family and friends navigate the course. Limit the spots to two or three so they have ample time to get to each location. Subways and taxis on race day can be unreliable. Be sure to tell friends and family to stop by our two Cheer Outposts – at the SE corner of Pacific Street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn (starting at 11 am) and the SE corner of 106th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan (starting at noon). There will be a TFK representative at both stations to pass out  TFK cheer sticks, clappers, and cowbells while supplies last! Map of Cheer Zones here.

Family Reunion: Check out the TCS New York City Finish page and the Family Reunion map or select a location in the nearby area to meet your family and friends after you cross the finish line. Reference the last page of the TFK Guide linked here for ideas. Make sure to add at least an hour to your finish time as an ETA of when you will connect with them.

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