TFK Fundraising Tip: Social Media

Sample Ask
Step 1 – Event: Hi, My name is (your name) and I’m running the (your event) for the New York Road Runners charity Team For Kids.

Step 2 – Cause: Team for Kids runners like myself fundraise to support more than 215,000 kids across the country through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources.

Step 3 – Ask: Would you be so kind and make a donation to my campaign to support our youth?

Bring donations to life by quantifying your donor’s gifts
$5,000 – Supports a public school’s Young Runners team for a whole year
$1,000 – Produces a developmental track meet for 300 kids
$500 – Provides 50 kids with transportation to a weekend road race
$250 – Gifts 25 kids a cross country race experience
$50 – Purchases a pair of new running sneakers for a kid
$26.20 – Gives one of our Mighty Milers an entire year of running

See examples of social media posts below from Team for Kids runners. In these examples you can see the personal fundraising URL included in the profile for donors to easily access the fundraising page to make a donation.

TFK runner Benny Jones ran 30k on the 30th of last month and asked for $30 donations. His result was tremendous. He raised $1,510 for this three hour effort and soared past his fundraising goal!

TFK runner Christie promoted her bake sale via Twitter and thanked her donors publicly with virtual cupcakes:

TFK runner Kwasi asked friends and family to help him spread the word about his campaign.

TFK runner Mariana brought her donations to life by quantifying the amount in her ask:

TFK runner Ella incorporated photos from NYRR Youth Programs to bring the impact of the donation to life. These photos, stories, and quotes be found via the “Youth Program” category on our blog and you can use free photo collage applications to make an image like the one featured below.

Thanking your donors publicly on social media is a great way to attract new donors to your campaign. Especially tagging them on Facebook as your post will populate in more News Feeds. See examples below from TFK runners Molly and Craig.

craig instagram

For additional tips, visit our Fundraising Resource Page –

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