TFK Fundraising Tip: Hold an Auction

Fundraising tip.PNG

“When I started fundraising for Team for Kids I knew I wanted to do something on top of canvassing for donations. One of my running friends had organized an online auction to raise money for charity and it was a huge success. So, I began reaching out to companies (both online and in person) that I had personal connections with to ask if they would donate a product or gift certificate. I also asked for donations on my social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) accounts.  I gave myself ample time to collect donations and ended up with 21 items. I grouped the items into local, Canadian and US items so that I could open it up to anyone in North America. I posted the auction and let it run for a month. I scheduled tweets, and FB posts, to promote the auction at least once a day. In each post, I made sure I linked at least one person, or company, that had donated. Often, this would lead to retweets and shares. I also shared weekly updates on my blog. I was blown away by all the support I received. Some of my most successful items were running shoes, photography packages and gym memberships. I also received donations from people who were outbid but still wanted to support my fundraiser.  It was a lot of work but it definitely paid off. Through the online auction I was able to raise over $1,100 dollars for Team For Kids.

If interested, here’s a link to my blog where I posted/hosted the online auction. It’s my own blog so I didn’t have to pay an extra fee.

If interested TFK runners don’t have blogs, I  suggest they create an auction group on Facebook and then post the auction items as photos in an album. People can write their bids as “comments” on each photo. It’s also an easy way of keeping track of the top bidder. Winners can then be tagged and messaged on Facebook.

Winners then donate the “winning bid amount” to my Team For Kids page. They have a week to do that. Once it is done, they receive their item.”

TFK runner Kaella Carr

For additional fundraising tips, visit our Fundraising Resource Page –

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