Tip of the Week: Top 10 Race Day Tips

  1. Pack for any out of town travel. If you are traveling to Brooklyn from out of town, make sure to pack all your race day gear in your carry on bag (running shoes, TFK singlet, shorts, socks, etc.).
  2. Pick up your race materials! Don’t forget to pick up your race packet at the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Pre-Party Presented by New Balance. Remember to bring a photo ID and your unique QR code (either printed with your confirmation card or on the NYRR mobile app). Team for Kids runners will pick up their bibs at the Team for Kids bib pickup counter, not the general bib counters as other runners will be doing. After you get your bib, you can visit the Team for Kids booth to ask our staff and coaches your last minute questions and purchase gear!
  3. Decorate your race shirt. Put your name on the front and back of your race-day shirt so people along the course can cheer you on. It really helps during those later miles!
  4. Dress in layers. Pack throw-away clothing for race morning to keep you warm & dry (hat, gloves, sweat shirt and pants, etc.). Clothing you shed on the course will be collected and donated.
  5. Prepare your nutrition. Prepare your pre-race and race-day nutrition ahead of time. Stick to what you practiced during your long runs. Always have extra, just in case.
  6. Remember your race planYou’ve trained hard for this: remember your plan and the best strategies to achieve your race day goal. As a reminder, TFK coaches will be on the course if you need support.
  7. Start slow. Do NOT go out too fast! Trust your training and your race plan to avoid fatigue or injury in later miles.
  8. Stick with what you know. Don’t try anything new on race day – whether it’s nutrition, clothes, gear. Remember #6. 🙂
  9. Remember your mantra. Remember a motto that works best for you for the later miles (i.e. “Feet fast, legs strong, I can do this all day long!”).
  10. Remember the mission. If times get tough during your race, think of the number one reason why you are doing this: to support more than 215,000 students across the nation with free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources! All of them, and all of us at Team NYRR, are cheering you on!

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